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I’m Finna Talk is a femme-led collective that creates accessibility to free/low cost workshops and open mic events for Black, Brown and Indigenous LGBTQIA+ folks in New York City.

I’m Finna Talk hopes to create a safe space that offers a platform for dialogue, resourceful workshops, guest speakers, and above all - self-expression.


Comedian and Actor Michelladonna started I’m Finna Talk after going to open mics throughout NYC and didn’t see people that looked like her nor folks from her communities. These open mics would be basically rooms filled with cis white men that only laugh at each other’s jokes, and she wasn’t having it.


Michelladonna won a grant and was able to hold the first I’m Finna Talk in 2021 - a space strictly centering LGBTQ2SIA+ Black and Brown creatives in NYC. I’m Finna Talk welcomed community members into a safe space with incredible support from members at the event, resources (journals/ plants) given out for free, and the opportunity to meet like minded people.


I’M FINNA TALK is committed to approaching Covid-19 safety that meets and exceeds the guidelines put forward by city, state, and federal agencies. Updates regarding safety protocols including masking and full vaccination, will be included in the event confirmation emails closer to event date, based on current public health updates.


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Logistics Coordinator


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