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Why do you prioritize Black/Brown LGBTQ2SIA+ folks?

I’m Finna Talk is a space for marginalized identities to come together as the sole focus for this community collective. We wanted to create a space where the only option is support because there are so many other unwelcoming spaces - we decided to make our own.

How are you able to make these events free/low cost?

We do this solely for our community members. Organizers do this because we are passionate about cultivating community.

How can I collaborate?

We love collaborating, please see this page for more information on how to reach us. We will get back to you as soon as we can once the form is received.

Can anyone sign up for the Open Mics?

Yes! As long as you are respectful, you are welcome to practice your craft at pur open mics. Please see this sign up page with more info.

How can I collaborate?

  • Follow us on Instagram @imfinnatalknyc

  • Feel free to reach out to us about a potential collab or feature - here.

What if I can’t afford to pay the fee for a ticketed event? 

Please DM us on instagram  or email if a cost of an event is a burden, we are happy to find ways to create even more accessibility. 

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