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Help I'm Finna Talk Fundraise For Future Events

We are fundraising to be able to keep these events free/low-cost as well as pay for studio space, provide food and beverages, workshop materials, paying artists / collaborators / community organizations, marketing and other organizational needs.

For the rest of the year, I’m Finna Talk is raising $5,000 to sustain its mission of creating spaces of providing accessibility to free/low cost workshops and open mic events for Black, Brown and Indigenous queer folk. We are reaching out for your support as we strive to always be created by and for the community. Would you please consider donating to this organization? A gift of any amount will be a big help.

We hone a very special space wherever we go, that provides support and safety to creative Black, Brown and Indigenous queer folk. In a city that is so populated, it can still be difficult to find community - especially after a tough few years for social connections. We hope to continue bringing light into folks lives and allowing them to be free from any expectations. We want people to express themselves, their words are incredibly powerful - and it is up to us to re-write our own stories so we can share our authentic experiences with the world. 

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